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Resting Metabolic Rate Testing


What is Metabolic Testing:

Metabolic testing allows us to directly measure exhaled oxygen and CO2 levels in order to determine how many calories your body consumes in a rested state.   In other words - how many calories your body NEEDS to live.


A resting metabolic rate test is $119

What to Expect:

The entire test takes 15 minutes as you relax in a chair and breathe into the face mask (as pictured above)


- Do NOT eat for 8 hrs prior to your test (water is fine)
- Do NOT drink coffee or any other caffeine 8 hrs prior to your test
- Do NOT smoke or drink alcohol for 8 hrs prior to your test
- Do NOT exercise for 12 hrs prior to your test
- Do come rested and relaxed
***you are welcome to bring a snack for after your test as you may be ready to eat at that time.

3D Scan



The FIT3D body scan feels like nothing.  You simply stand on the turntable, hold the handles as the foot plate rotates, and then step off once the scan is complete.  The machines uses three military grade cameras to collect data from which we are able to determine approximate body composition values.  Following your scan a trained staff member will discuss your results and answer any questions you have.

What is FIT3D:

FIT3D is a body scan that helps people track their progress and celebrate victories along the way. Your first scan provides baseline information, and rescans provide information to help you quantify your progress over time by more than just your weight on a scale.

What is the Price:

- Single scan: $79
- Repeat Scan: $35
- Unlimited scan annual membership: $175*
- Ongoing Nutrition after completing 1-on-1 program - scans included in $25 monthly membership

*unlimited membership expires 365 days after initiated, no refunds; scans cannot be shared or transferred
**Ongoing nutrition clients MUST have graduated from minimum 3 month nutrition coaching


Wear or bring with you something like a fitted swimsuit, bra and panties, compression shorts, etc.  Something that fits true to the form.  The more exposed skin during your scan, the more accurate your results will be.  Your soderSTRONG testing coach will excuse themself from the room during your scan, so you can find comfort in knowing you will have privacy.


Customized Macros $50

RMR + Customized Macros $150

3D Scan + RMR $180

3D Scan + RMR + Customized Macros $199

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