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Sandi lewis - Age 64

Who would have thought that at age 64 I would be able to meet my goals and then some.  I have been a runner for 34 years, running a marathon and ½ marathons. I have worked out with various programs and trainers over the past 30 years.  However, I had developed a layer of fat around my body that I did not want. Now, mind you, people considered me to be “thin” and in shape, but I knew better.  I had heard that Kelsey was a nutrition coach and after seeing a friend of mine improve her body composition, I thought I would try Kelsey out. I met her at Anavah Crossfit and was already impressed with her as a trainer.  I signed up with her as a nutrition coach in September of 2019. My goals were weight loss, pretty arms and flat abs.  After five months, I have surpassed my weight loss goal and my arms and abs are getting stronger!   I am now in the maintenance stage with my weight and continuing to work my arms and abs.  Kelsey is an encourager and she knows her stuff!  Andrew and Kelsey are amazing workout programmers.  They listened to my goals and helped me get where I am.  I have always heard that a person cannot out “workout” a bad diet, and I am convinced now.  This is an amazing team!

connie richardson - Age 65

The truth is that I wish I had found Kelsey 30 years ago.  I am shocked how much my body has changed with just a few tweaks to my diet and going to CrossFit a few days a week.  I could not have met my nutrition goals if it wasn't for Kelsey's encouragement and understanding.  She would set small obtainable goals for me that gave me the confidence to keep working toward my long term goal.  When she initially asked me to try CrossFit, I thought she was crazy, but I actually love how my coaches are able to modify the workouts for me.  I am so impressed that she does not make you buy any special shakes or supplements like every other diet coach I have been to in the past.  I like that you can eat things you like and she teaches you the correct way to do it.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.


"I started working with Kelsey on my nutrition approximately three months ago.  In the past I have tried several methods to try to lose weight (i.e. low carb, cutting out fat, no sugar, etc.) resulting in short term gains that I could never maintain long-term.  I used to try to calculate my own macro-nutrients and caloric goals and I was always hungry, frustrated, and inconsistent.  Kelsey has not only helped me reach my nutrition and fitness goals, but she has also educated and supported me along the way.  I am now able to track my macros and make smart choices.  I have learned a lifelong skill set that helps me be successful.  In addition, Andrew has programmed a custom strength training plan for me so I can maintain my muscle and strength while I lose weight and cut body fat.  I am extremely happy with my results.  Kelsey and Andrew are a welath of knowledge when it come to nutrition and fitness."

nutrition transformation photos of woman

Jade Hewitt - Age 30

I have always been an athlete, competitively playing multiple sports in my formative years, and softball throughout my 4 years of college. With practice or games every day, I could (pretty much) eat whatever I wanted and get away with it.  That all came to a swift end as my playing career came to an end.


I’ve always considered myself a “big girl”.  Whether on the field or in a gym, I have almost always existed on the bigger end of the spectrum. I loved lifting weights and even conditioning, but the second I stepped into the kitchen, I was lost. Like, terrible. I had the typical mindset of, “If I want to lose weight, then decrease carbs, eat way less, and do a ton of cardio.” Over the span of 7 years, that got me nothing but a yo-yo of weight (coming in anywhere between 180-210 pounds), varying clothing sizes, lack luster gym performance, and an emotional rollercoaster. 

In the fall of 2018, two of my best friends hired this nutrition coach, and I was seeing amazing transformations in them, both nutritionally AND in the gym. I had always thought it would be cool to hire a nutrition coach, but I didn’t know where to start or how to find someone that I thought would be a good fit.


Enter Kelsey. Freaking. Soderstrom.


I started with Kelsey in January of 2019. I showed up at her house for our first meeting, and I was overwhelmed with everything that came at me. Numbers and food and recipes and workouts…..all things which I knew nothing about. But, from that first day, Kelsey made me feel successful. Even though I had zero experience in the kitchen, she made me feel like that’s ok, and that I was going to learn. She made me feel confident in areas where I had zero confidence.


The crazy thing about nutrition with Kelsey and counting macros is that it doesn’t feel like “work”. It doesn’t feel like a “diet”. I don’t feel like I’m putting in some daily massive effort that’s taking up all my energy. Kelsey made macros and improving my gym performance just a part of my lifestyle, where it’s simple. Whether I’m at home or on the road for work (which happens a lot), Kelsey sets me up to be successful and to hit my numbers, regardless.


She preaches consistency. Just keep doing the right things, and it’ll pay off. Sometimes the scale jumps a lot (heck yeah), but there are a lot of times when that damn scale doesn’t move. And Kelsey has kept me positive by saying “Just be consistent, and good things will happen.” And she’s right. Every single time. She sticks with me through the awesome times when the scale is dropping, and the times where you’re convinced your scale is broken because the number is staying the same.


I’m down almost 30 pounds. I used to be an extra-large in clothes, and now I’m a large or even a medium. My body has completely transformed, and my performance at the gym is at an all-time high. Physically, this is the best I’ve looked since my sophomore year of high school.


Those things are great...But.


There is no greater testament to my journey with Kelsey than how I feel. My confidence in my body and ability to make positive choices has never been this good in my life. I walk into the gym and Kelsey whistles at me and says I need to buy smaller clothes, and even though I roll my eyes, it makes me feel freaking amazing. Instead of buying clothes to cover up, I buy clothes that truly fit and make me feel like a boss.


Kelsey is truly gifted with macros and numbers and coaching and all that. But most importantly, throughout the process, she has become a true friend. When she calls me every week for our check in, I feel like I’m the only client she has. She has the gift of making each person feel like they are the only one that matters, and when it comes to being vulnerable and open and honest about your health and body, that makes all the difference.


If you’ve even had the flittering thought to hire a nutrition coach, do it. Make the choice. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

TOSHA - Age 45

I recently turned 45 and have a LONG history of getting "healthy" and losing unwanted weight for BRIEF periods of time.  My doctor and I had many talks about how this yo-yo plan was unhealthy in the long run and how one day my lab results would eventually require medication.  My choices were to clean up my eating long term or continue this cycle that was close to having me rely on medication.  In July 2019, I started working with Kelsey.  Her passion and enthusiasm for her job and working with others helped to motivate and give me confidence to succeed.  When I first met with her, my goals were no longer to "lose weight" in order to have better lab results for my doctor, but the goals shifted to learn how to sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle which includes clean eating and exercise.  After 12 weeks of nutritional coaching, my lab work came back not only within normal limits, bu tthe doctor said they were better than ever!!!  I took away so much from this experience with Kelsey.

I learned about balancing macros and incorporating this lifestyle into a busy professional and personal life.  I learned tips and techniques that will continue to help me long term.  The individualization of this coaching plan is different than the numerous "cookie cutter" type plans I have tried over the years.  I always felt like we were on a team, Kelsey guided, coached and taught me various techniques, but in the end it was my choice to take the tools and use them and I felt prepared each day.

Amy V. - Age 36

In 2018 I decided to take on a bucket list item that I didn’t really know I wanted until it just suddenly hit me; I decided I wanted to run a marathon. I had done many half marathons, hiking races, and an olympic triathlon, but I never really considered doing a full marathon until the inspiration suddenly hit me. With that inspiration I began plotting my course so I could accomplish my new goal. I created a workout calendar utilizing information I had gotten from books, other marathon runners, and reached out to a good friend who’s specializes in training and physical fitness. The bulk of this planning time was centered around training with no thoughts on proper nutrition, until I found myself struggling with my training. I shared my frustrations with my friend (Kelsey) and she suggested that I consider working with her on my nutrition. 

Kelsey described her system, and how it could help benefit me in my marathon training. I was honest with her, that I was honest with her, that I

was nervous to consider nutrition coaching because I struggled with anorexia when I was in my late teens/early twenties. I didn’t want to find myself becoming compulsive about food again - it took a long time for me to understand balance and develop a healthy relationship with food, and that was something I didn’t want to find myself struggling with again.  I was concerned that I would fall back into unhealthy habits, however, I knew I needed to do something different with my nutrition because I did not have the energy I needed to fully perform my training. I ultimately decided to pursue nutrition coaching with Kelsey because I knew I could trust her.  She respected my fears of falling back into unhealthy habits and promised to stay in constant contact and watch me closely.  If she felt I was doing anything outside of healthy behaviors, we would make changes. With her respect for my concerns, and her passion in what she does, I knew I would be in good hands.

Kelsey and I worked together to create a nutrition guide for my training and we checked in weekly to see how it was going. When adjustments were necessary she would plug them in for me so I didn’t really even have to think about what I was doing. I found that as my training runs got longer I was able to get through them with plenty of energy. Not once was I injured during my training and I feel that was largely due to my nutrition. Most of all, I realized that this wasn’t a diet plan, but an approach to making sure we are giving ourselves the proper nutrition to function at our best. 


If it had not been for Kelsey I am not sure I would have been as successful at completing my goal of running a marathon. Her approach to fitness and nutrition is inspiring and I am so thankful to work with such an amazing person.

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