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1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching

3 month minimum commitment
($329/month Rebecca; $359/month Kelsey)


$180 one time testing fee

(includes initial RMR + repeat 3D scans
every 6 wks for duration of your program)

Step 1:
Schedule Testing appt 1hr 15min
Contact Kelsey (608) 769-3679

Step 2:
Two hour Initial Intake w/ Nutrition Coach:
- Clarify Goals
- Outline Client Schedule
- Food preferences
- Expectations and Plan/Fueling Timeline
- Education and Useful Tips
-  Assistance w/ Apps for Meal Tracking
- Personalized Macronutrient Recommendations

Step 3:
Weekly 30-minute Check-Ins
- Trouble shooting
- Planning
- Daily support and accountability

- Education/Assistance w/ planning meals
- Education on How/What/When/Why
- Food Quality vs Quantity
- Food Timing
- Potential Advanced Techniques if necessary

Step 4:
- Transition to Maintenance

- Strategic Calorie Adjustments

- Systematic Transition to Intuitive Eating
- Option for Ongoing Nutrition Support as Needed

*Note: Most clients choose to stay on longer than the initial 3 months as it takes longer to achieve their stated goal.  Please be sure to communicate openly and often with your coach to ensure they are aware of your intentions in terms of timeline.  Your coach will always be open, honest, and communicative with you regarding timeline as well.

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