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 Kelsey Soderstrom


Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Level 2 CrossFit Trainer

Certified Nutrition Coach - Precision Nutrition Level 1

Master of Science - Exercise Physiology

*Coaching and Personal Training since 2005

*Specialized in Cardiac Rehab for over 10 years

kels and jacob.jpg

Things About Me:

 - I am an outgoing introvert - I do best in small groups, but most people don't realize this

- I love my work and helping others

- I love my family fiercely - Andrew is the calm to my goofy and my kiddos are my world

- My movie choice will always be a pixar animated movie

*All pizza is amazing and I have almost no control in its presence​

*I have had my own struggle with weight because I love to eat and I love to be FULL

kels before and after.jpg
kels before and after back.jpg
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